Geo-location: Wherever you go, your smartphone tracks you

A geo-location tracking feature, embedded deep in your mobile phone’s privacy settings, has been keeping a record of every place that you might have visited. Shocked? Well, both Apple and Android have a feature called ‘frequent locations’ which keeps track of the places you visit with the date, time and duration of your visits.… Continue reading

Sangeetha Anniversary Sale: Celebrating 42 years… from gramophones to cellphones

I am happy to announce the Sangeetha anniversary sale. And it gets better than the best you have ever seen: 80% assured buyback, Rs 42 downpayment for any smartphone you buy, Rs 15000 goCash from goibibo, and more. Want to read the fine print before taking the plunge? Great. Let me just reproduce them for you, so all your questions are answered even before you think of them.… Continue reading

Mobile phone surveys help World Food Programme  

Mobiles have proved to be a cheap and quick instrument in conducting surveys and understanding the needs of the suffering people. Mobile phone surveys have cut the cost of studies done face-to-face by half in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Collecting data in Malawi usually took several weeks and now it’s finished within a day across the nation.… Continue reading