Try and buy any phone of your choice

Sangeetha stands for innovation. That’s my credo ever since I got into business more than three decades ago. And the underlying drive is to always delight the customer. Therefore, let me unveil our latest and greatest scheme: Try and Buy.

Yes, you read that right. If you want to try a new phone, no matter how pricey, you can.Continue reading

Go Cash: Travel the world with Sangeetha

Did you know that Sangeetha touches your life in more ways than one. Not only do we protect your phones from price drop protection and physical damage but also offer freebies galore. One such freebie is Go Cash. It’s the online currency of GoIbibo.

Maximum traction

In 2016, GoIbibo was the only company in India to have raised the maximum amount of funding in a scenario where venture funds were hard to come by.… Continue reading

Online-only models now available at Sangeetha

Online is now offline. Yes, if you wanted to touch and feel the online-only models before buying them, Sangeetha offers you that now.

Until four months ago, the online-only models were not available at any offline store. And Sangeetha was no exception.


But today, it’s notched up another first. No other offline store has so many online-only phones being sold offline.Continue reading

Price drops: Sangeetha protects you like no other

I am extremely happy and proud with the way our ‘price protection’ scheme is helping our customers, both regular and new. It was in beta mode 18 months ago, but last November, we made it official. It’s called ‘price protection’, but it’s actually ‘price drop protection’. Many people confuse this with some other schemes offered by our retail fraternity, like giving three-times the difference if the price isn’t the cheapest and so on.… Continue reading

Software bug leaves cell phones and communication networks open to hacker attacks

A new software bug has been discovered. Yet again. And this could potentially help hackers take control of your mobile phones. It also makes the vital parts of the telecommunication networks across the world susceptible to eavesdropping or even network disruption.

The vulnerability, known as CVE-2016-5080, is present in the code library of ASN.1, Abstract Syntax Notation One.… Continue reading