Software bug leaves cell phones and communication networks open to hacker attacks

A new software bug has been discovered. Yet again. And this could potentially help hackers take control of your mobile phones. It also makes the vital parts of the telecommunication networks across the world susceptible to eavesdropping or even network disruption.

The vulnerability, known as CVE-2016-5080, is present in the code library of ASN.1, Abstract Syntax Notation One.… Continue reading

Smartphones power up the African economy

Smartphones have an economical, political and social impact. And this is most felt in the Africa growth story. If market analysts Ovum are to be believed, 1/10th of African GDP will happen due to mobile phones by 2020. Their prophesy? Mobile broadband connections will triple in five years. The forecast is a jump of 17% market share in 2014 to 76% in 2020.… Continue reading

Charging smartphones, innovatively  

The days of bumper batteries for smartphones are here. Yet, they cannot last you for more than two days. With heavy-duty usage, a day is all you can expect from any smartphone. One simple way to beat it is also own a basic phone for emergencies. However, if you want to only use your smartphone to power your way through the day after, here are some tech innovations around the corner.… Continue reading

Smartphones, fake seeds and traffic lights

The extent to which smartphones have invaded our lives is inconceivable. From replacing our morning alarm clocks to keeping track of our physical health, these ubiquitous little devices come with their own unique advantages and hazards.

Come December, Sydney will witness traffic lights installed on the footpaths for better safety of pedestrians engrossed in their cell phones.… Continue reading

Mobile phone explosions: Experts blame it on your body’s static electricity

The reason behind mobile phone explosions is an urban legend, say experts. And yet, companies continue to warn you not to use a mobile phone at a petrol pump. The real truth, according to experts, lies in the static electricity in our body. So it’s not the microwaves emitted by your mobile phone that could lead to sparks and ignite the petrol fumes.… Continue reading