43rd Anniversary Sale begins…

It has been quite a journey for Sangeetha. From selling gramophones in the 70s to mobile phones in the late 90s and counting, it’s a kaleidoscopic journey like no other. Even better is the stupendous response we get for our anniversary sale. And this year is going to be no less exciting.… Continue reading

An app for everything: Boon or curse?

Do you have our app? That has become the catchphrase of any retail business worth its salt. Even start-ups stores market their apps more ardently than working on their brand recognition and building customer base. Agreed, everyone loves apps, and has their personal favourites. However, the companies have outdone themselves in deluging the smartphone users with apps, irrespective of their relevancy.… Continue reading

Smartphone OEMs: Innovation is the key

“Oh, you must experience our toothbrush! It comes with bristles!” They say common sense is not so common. But what is common is your toothbrush having bristles. Crowing about their brushes featuring bristles, you’d think, they have lost their minds.

Now think about a smartphone featuring a headphone port. You’d ask- What’s new in that?… Continue reading

Are dual cameras in smartphones worth the hype?

Smartphones are evolving and so are their cameras. When one wasn’t enough, along came another. And now, dual cameras have become a trend that will become the norm sooner than you expected. With 360-degree images, VR and high resolution videos finding popularity on social media, the phone manufacturers were forced to come up with improved camera capabilities.… Continue reading