An app for everything: Boon or curse?

Do you have our app? That has become the catchphrase of any retail business worth its salt. Even start-ups stores market their apps more ardently than working on their brand recognition and building customer base. Agreed, everyone loves apps, and has their personal favourites. However, the companies have outdone themselves in deluging the smartphone users with apps, irrespective of their relevancy.… Continue reading

More than 50% hike in ransomware attacks on android devices  

Earlier this year, ‘Charger’, a zero-day mobile ransomware was reported by CheckPoint, a cyber security firm. Present in EnergyRescue, the battery-life enhancer app was removed from the Google Play store after being reported. Alarmingly, the ransomware attacks on android devices have gone up in only a year by over 50%. As mobile devices grow more sophisticated, more users have moved on to their handheld devices from PCs, saving more sensitive data on them.… Continue reading