Can extended exposure to mobile phone radiation damage your sperm?

I am not saying this. It’s a new study on mobile phone radiation. I am not sure about the veracity of its claims, but anything is possible today. So it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So let me get to the very beginning of this study. Where do you keep your mobile phones? Most of us would answer that with—in our trouser pocket. We have heard or read about the health hazards of mobile phone radiations. Yet we still find it the most convenient place to keep our mobile devices.

A new study reveals there might be ‘conclusive’ proof that men particularly shouldn’t keep their mobile phones in their trouser pockets. Researchers from University of Newcastle reviewed 27 researches on radiation. Out of which, 21 pointed to a correlation between the mobile phone radiation and sperm damage. Ten of the researches reviewed involved studying close to 1500 samples of the human sperm cells.

Mobile phone radiation and sperm

The review suggests that exposing men’s genitals to mobile phone radiations for extended periods could gradually result in a reduced sperm count. Even the surviving sperm cells could potentially have damaged DNA.

An 8% decrease in sperm motility and 9% decrease in the sperm viability were found to be associated with the mobile phone radiation exposure. Radiation effects on the sperm count were rather ambiguous. These results were found to be persistent in all observational and lab researches.

The World Health Organisation declared mobile phone radiation as a potential 2B carcinogen in 2011. This was the first time that mobile phone radiation was cited as harmful for human bodies. The reviewers didn’t find the results surprising as the sperms cells are greatly sensitive and vulnerable. Today 14% of the world population is grappling with conceiving problems. 40% of the cases involve male infertility. In such a scenario, this review attains a specific importance in improving our chances at procreation.

The debate

The subject of effects of mobile phone radiation on the sperm quality and count has long been debatable. The experts are still puzzled over how the non-ionising mobile phone radiations could be detrimental to the human body. This review points to the potential hazard of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation and its role in steady sperm damage. While the experts still hesitate over directly linking the male infertility to mobile phone radiation, it’d be wise to keep that mobile device away from your genital area.