What the future of tech could hold for us

Predicting future tech makes me happy in the present. After all, what’s life without that touch of hope? So here goes my countdown of some of the best that technology has to offer in the coming century. I hope I could get to experience some of them in my lifetime.

  1. Nano VR: Our brain is the ultimate sensory processing machine. Now what if microscopic machines called Nanobots are injected into our body, so they could  travel all around us and give us an entirely new virtual reality experience? Well, the future is possible, if you believe in it. I do.

  2. Shape shifters: Okay, these are called Utility Fogs that are nothing but a mass of nanobots or foglets that can take the shape of any object. If you’ve seen the critically acclaimed Hollywood film Big Hero, you’d know what I mean. From a hardwood door to ceramic tile, these nanobots could take any shape, depending on what you want.
  3. Solar from the sun: Not a new idea. This idea has been around since the 1960s. But the idea still has its merits. Imagine solar-powered satellites that have the capacity of transmitting solar energy to the earth’s receiving dishes through microwaves? But ofcourse, these receiving stations should be installed far away from human habitation like a sprawling desert or a faraway island.
  4. Mind Uploading: The best form of AI (artificial intelligence) will be an android that is an exact replica of you. By the 22nd century, scientists believe that such a scenario is quite possible through a concept called ‘mind uploading’. Also known as the ‘whole brain emulation’, this essentially copies the existing biological brain, capturing every cognitive detail, including the memories, associations and a person’s personality traits. A powerful brain scanner can also be used to take a snapshot of the human brain and then transmitted into a computer which will be capable of translating the information into a functioning mind.
  5. Controlling the weather: Yes, it’s akin to meddling with the gods, but then the human mind is capable of just about anything it sets its sight on. And controlling the weather is no different. The weather engineers could build a wall-like structure that will stop the tornadoes from forming. Better still, they could construct strong arrays of offshore turbines to suck the energy out of hurricanes. A weather machine could also be built to create a programmable atmosphere.
  6. Molecular tech: The concept is similar to nanobots and way above and beyond what the current-day 3D printers are capable of. Called the molecular assemblers or speculative fabricators, these nifty devices can be capable of controlling individual atoms to build the product you desire. Described by K Eric Drexler, a pioneer of nanotechnology, in his influential book, Engines of Creation, these molecular assemblers will be able to use mechanical properties to produce objects of any shape, form or consistency. These fabricators will allow us to produce items that would be impossible for us to produce, and these devices could also produce food.
  7. Geo-engineering: Experts believe that by the year 2100, no matter what we do, the levels of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere will continue to warm the planet. Due to the adverse effects of climate changes, many environmental calamities will continue to happen. To prevent the further rise of sea levels and mega droughts, we will have to start geo-engineering the planet. Some geo-hacking proposals include cirrus cloud seeding, stratospheric particle injection, sulfur-aerosol injection and tropical reforestation. Other ideas include giant space reflector, ocean fertilisation and ocean alkalinity enhancement. Google the terms to know more.
  8. Telekinesis: Imagine talking to someone with your mind waves and not your vocal cords? Well, to-mind communication won’t take long to be invented. In 2014, the first non-invasive brain-to-brain communication was indeed demonstrated. A year later, brain signals were transmitted over the internet to control the hand motions of another person. All this shows that, in the future we will be able to use our thoughts to communicate with another person and control smart devices around us ‘telekinetically’.
  9. Fusion Power: At the beginning of this year, the physicists in Germany used a two-megawatt microwave pulse to warm low density hydrogen plasma to 80 million degrees. This experiment did not last for a long time but it was an important step towards ‘nuclear fusion’. This sort of chemical reaction creates a single heavy single nucleus from two lighter nuclei. This results in generating a vast amount of energy that can be utilised into a usable source of clean energy. Imagine fusion power replacing fossil fuels and conventional nuclear reactors? Manna from heaven, indeed.
  10. Artificial lifeforms: The artificial life-form is a rapidly growing discipline which recreates biological phenomenon with the help of computers and other synthetic media. Building block cells can be used to create organisms with capacities and micro-organisms that can function like medicines inside our body. The future appears promising and I am looking forward to it. Are you?