More than 50% hike in ransomware attacks on android devices  

Earlier this year, ‘Charger’, a zero-day mobile ransomware was reported by CheckPoint, a cyber security firm. Present in EnergyRescue, the battery-life enhancer app was removed from the Google Play store after being reported. Alarmingly, the ransomware attacks on android devices have gone up in only a year by over 50%. As mobile devices grow more sophisticated, more users have moved on to their handheld devices from PCs, saving more sensitive data on them.… Continue reading

Custom ROMs: Do they have a future?

Custom ROMs are just what the geeks ordered. As a kid, I remember my brother taking apart every electronic toy he could lay his hands on. Admittedly, he wanted to make them work better. It’s another story that most of those reassembled toys headed to the garbage bin later. The gadget geeks would empathise with this itch to make their toys perform better.… Continue reading

The future of mobile tech

Remember your beloved Nokia 3310? When smartphones are reigning our lives, who would have thought it’d make a comeback? Apart from Nokia/HMD Global relaunching its iconic phone and Blackberry reappearing with KeyOne, manufacturers touting faster-charging batteries, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things prevailed at the world’s most-talked about mobile event, World Mobile Congress 2017.… Continue reading