Beware of apps that sync with your contact list

It’s better to be safe than sorry. A recent research done by Hong Kong investigative news agency Factwire has shown that apps like CM Security, Sync.ME and Truecaller are establishing the databases with phone numbers of billions of people. These apps get synced with the contacts in your phone and build databases of people’s names and phone numbers without your permission.… Continue reading

Is that app safe for your child?

Call it a generational shift, but an innocuous-looking video app has become the latest preying ground for paedophiles. app is a social media app that lets you not only create but also share short video clips. With 60 million users, it has become popular among the teens worldwide. The users can create 15-second ‘musical’—video clips of lip-syncing a song, singing and dancing.… Continue reading

Cell phone ownership & internet access = better socioeconomic state

Owning cell phones and internet connectivity add to our expenses but also enhance our socioeconomic position, according to a new research by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.

The research correlates cell phone ownership and access to internet with Human Development Index (HDI).  It took into consideration the state, area of residence, age, religion, educational qualification, Internet connectivity and social status.Continue reading