Welcome to the ‘Bond Gadgets’

Though we sell only mobile phones and accessories, I love gadgets in all their avatars. Here is a list of gadgets I particularly like for their innovative uses. I might even dub them, ‘Bond gadgets’ for their potential to dazzle you. Over to my list…

Cameras and camcorders double as projectors
Nikon’s S1200PJ looks like any other good old point-and-shoot digital camera.… Continue reading

My Top 10 picks at CES 2013

The other day, I was at Las Vegas to take a peek into the future, courtesy CES 2013. From iPhone cases to tablets and full HD smartphones to TVs with 4k resolutions, the event was buzzing with tech news and views. Here are the technologies that I personally loved the most…

Panasonic OLED
Call it ‘ultra HD’ or what you will, but this 4k OLED TV blew everyone away, including me.… Continue reading

Phones of the future

The future of mobile phones is getting brighter and more exciting than ever before. And I am mighty happy to be part of this revolution-in-the-making.

Already, mobile phones have become multi-functional devices that you cannot do without. One game changer was the ‘phablet’, the Galaxy Note. A cross between a smartphone and a tablet, Samsung created an all-new category and owned it.… Continue reading

Leading a fuller life

Every New Year’s, we come up with New Year resolutions that we never keep. I would recommend just one that should become the template of our working life: Time Leadership. And here is how you can make it happen…

1. Prioritise what is important and do the right things first. Driving in the right direction is more important than driving fast.… Continue reading

Corruption and how to nip it

Corruption is endemic today. It’s not India Shining, but Corruption Rising. There are financial irregularities being unearthed every other day. Earlier, only Bofors hit the international headlines. Today, it’s the 2G spectrum, the illegal mining in Goa and Bellary and the current flavour Coalgate, among many others.

So what makes India and Indians so prone to corruption?… Continue reading